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Dash Cams and Car Accidents

Car Accidents are inevitable

In the aftermath of a car accident, the two parties involved often have conflicting stories. Rarely does someone want to take the blame for an accident and will often try to pin it on the other party. If this happens to you, having a dash cam may help you prove your case and avoid being falsely accused of causing injury to another person’s body or property.

What Do Dash Cams Capture?

Dash cams can capture a variety of things that may be helpful for evidence-gathering after a car accident. For example, a video camera mounted in your vehicle may capture the moments before, during, and after a collision. In some cases, seeing what actually happened is more compelling than hearing conflicting witness testimonies. A quality video recording may also capture the license plate of a driver who committed a hit-and-run.

Dash Cam Footage and Court

Dash camera footage may or may not be admissible in court, depending on your state’s laws. In most states you are not breaking privacy laws by using your dash cam while you’re in parking lots or on public streets – where most accidents occur. Check with your state to be sure. Investigators and car accident lawyers gather evidence in car accident cases and can suggest ways to win in court with the footage you have collected from your dash cam.

Maximize Dash Cam Evidence

Getting both a forward-facing and back-facing camera in your vehicle can help you capture evidence leading up to all types of collisions. If you have only a forward-facing recording device, you won’t have video evidence if someone rear-ends you. If you have only a back-facing recording device, you won’t capture video evidence of head-on collisions. Having both is a great way to capture as much car accident evidence as possible.

Dash Cams Aren’t a Necessity but May Be Helpful

It isn’t absolutely necessary to have one or more cameras mounted to your vehicle. However, if you are involved in an accident, your camera could be used to gather evidence that could prove your case in a court of law. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy the highest-quality camera available. There are many camera options that provide clear recordings for an affordable price.